Soulistic Healings by RCM Therapy Supporting your Life's Journey
Live Free and Authentic.
 "Tika is a deeply caring individual who helped me take the right actions and find a path in what seemed to be my chaotic life. She listens well and helped me to come to the most empowering solution and take action" -L. Pearson, Author and Entrepreneur

Specialty in Spiritual, Consciousness, and Communication Coaching                          
Break through, Shine, Be Free!
You are not alone. Asking for support is a powerful step!
Feeling stuck? Unable to move forward? Friends and Family Biased?
Imagine what life holds when obstacles are overcome, transformation occurs and peace of mind is secure.
As your coach you can be certain of my active listening skills; open minded, intuitive approach; personally tailored and non judgmental direction for your journey.
A mutual result for your success and happiness is what we will strive for together. You can expect truth and compassion in our sessions, moving through a hurdle, not looking back and achieving your goal!
*You may choose from traditional Life Coaching or Chakra Assessement with coaching. (Reminder of the importance of understanding the impact of your subconscious energy to your current situation)
Coaching is not Psychotherapy. If medically necessary, Psychotherapy may be recommended.

Coaching guides you to bring out what you do not see for yourself and decide on steps needed to reach your goal.
Coach is an Unbiased, Objective person who will hold you accountable to your goals.
Coaching emphasizes moving your life forward, respecting yet not holding on to the past.
Coaching will help refocus and balance decision making skills promoting

increased clarity, energy, and contentment.

To get started, our first session will begin in person. Continued sessions can commence via phone or in person as agreed upon by both of us.
Sessions are 50 min.

Tika is Certified as a Life Coach by The Life Coach Institute of Orange County.